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Herold Tribune June 2nd 1933


Monday June 2nd 1933

The weather
Low hanging clouds and temperatures up to 75 degrees. Moderate to strong winds. At the coast much cooler and windy.
Tomorrow some bright intervals and rising temperatures, but still too low for the time of year. Small chance of showers.

British couple disappeared in the South of France.
Albi, Friday May 30th, 1933 Mike and Valery Clifford (here seen on archive photograph) have vanished into thin air. The French Police stopped searching for them after three months. No trace of them was found. The worst is to be feared.
Mike and Valery left for the South of France in March of this year. They were going on an archeological exploration in the environment of la Libaudié in the small village of la Bastide Solages in the Tarn valley. They are both avid hikers an nature lovers and had one other interest in common: the Holy Grail.
As Clifford’s mother told us, they wanted to know everything related to the Grail, had bookcases full of literature on the subject and followed up even the tiniest of leads. Mike and Valery believed to have found a trace of the Holy Grail around la Libaudié. Apparently, the Grail was supposed to have been hidden there for some time during the past. At past archeological digs centuries-old documents had be found. Those documents led the Cliffords to believe in the existence of a Quest, a test of competence, that, upon completion, gave one the right to join an obscure society that supposedly guarded the Grail. “Well, you see”, mother Clifford says, “since Mike and Valery wanted to know everything about this Quest, they took off for the South of France. After that, we never heard from them again.” The local Gendarmerie thoroughly searched the whole area. No trace of them was found.
The only living creature the Police encountered was a black Dachshund, that swiftly disap-peared in the dense forest.
The only other thing they found was a piece of paper from a notebook with notes that didn’t make any sense to them. A copy of this leaflet is shown on this page. If anyone can shed any light at all on the meaning of these sketchy notes, they are invited to contact the local Police. Another very strange thing is that the black Dachshund has not been seen since its encounter with the Police.

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Conflagration in tire factory.
A furious fire at the Michelin-factories in Leeds destroyed the major part of the big storage sheds .
The fire probably started by a overheating compressor. The fire spreaded very quickly because of the many rubber raw materials stored there. Very soon it appeared that the fire brigade of Leeds could not cope on its own and the fire spreaded to the adjacent office buildings. Other local brigades were mobilized to help get the fire under control.
Fortunately there  were no victims. At the moment they are isolating the fire. The damage gets in to the Millions!

Crime rate in London rises.

According to reports of the local Police headquarters in London crime in the city again has increased. Head chief inspector Lawnsdale said more officers are needed to fight the problems. In particular the number of burglaries in the inner city have increased drammatically. Many market vendors complain of street gangs stealing there merchandise.

Aquarius is famous by its perseverance and tenacity.
Today he will make a remarkable discovery . . .

Unemployment rises to absolute record.
According to the Central Bureau of Statistics the number of unemployed has risen to 800.000
An astonishing lowest point. This is a serious draw back for the new government. Labour party already announced a series of meetings with the trade unions.


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