Website design for individuals and small businesses
optimally designed for both smart phones and desktop use.

Compaction is a sole proprietorship. Since 1974 I am working in the computer industry. First, technically, later commercially in large automation projects. In addition, I kept myself busy with the design and maintenance of simple websites for individuals and for small and medium businesses.

In 2003 I moved, together with my wife, to southern France to start a Bed & Breakfast. After 15 years we moved to Lot et Garonne where we bought a villa with 2 holiday cottages (See I still continued my website design activities. Meanwhile I also developed some nice sites for French residents as well.

My activities:

  • Design of small scale websites
  • Website Maintenance
  • Website optimization
  • Domainname registration
  • Website hosting



I design, together with you, your website

I create small websites for individuals and small businesses. I do the design together with you. We look at functionality, your desires, your personal taste, how your product or message can be optimally presented, using all the modern technical aids. A multilingual website is not a problem, provided you supply the lyrics yourself.


Modern flexible website design

For designing websites I use the latest design tools. For example, your website is responsive, meaning that it automatically adapts to the screen size, so that it adapts itself to be displayed optimally on smartphones, tablets or large desktop computers,

Website hosting

website hosting on fast server

I rent a dedicated server in Amsterdam, close to the "digital highway". So your website and domain name are stored secure and safe.
Your website has its own control panel where you can view statistics, can create your own e-mail addresses, and manage all the settings yourself, If you find all this too technical, I will do it for you.


Your website quickly found

There are many competitors on the Internet. It is therefore important that your website is properly setup, approved and reflected in the search engines. I make sure your site is best found with the correct keywords and strategical text phrases, in such a way search engines like Google, Bing and Yahoo want it .


Prompt support

If there are any problems, I'll make sure these are resolved as quickly as possible. Want to alter your website? Please send me pictures and texts and I make sure they are processed as quickly as possible. If you want I can set it up in such a way you can make small modifications yourself.

You already have your own website from € 200 per year

including website design, hosting, e-mail, statistics and domain name


Some examples of websites I made